Top 11 Carl Weathers Character Names

You don’t get to be a B-list action hero playing people with names like Hank, Derek and Joe. Check out Carl’s moniker menagerie (and mustache), and click on the images for links to trailers, scenes, etc.

11. General Hugh McKraken

A Naval officer with “kraken” in his name. Yes. From “American Warships,” an asylum ripoff of “Battleship”. Don’t fret — it’s going to be mustaches from here on.

10. Kyle Western

Three Amazon reviews — all positive!

9. Yarbro


Killer in a bowtie. From “Friday Foster”

8. Chubbs Peterson

[chuckles as he pats Happy with his wooden hand]. From “Happy Gilmore”

7. Dr. Artimus Snodgrass

bonus British accent! From “The Sasquatch Gang”

6. Fortune Dane

“Called upon to be incensed in one scene, Mr. Weathers pointlessly jumps onto the hood of a car to deliver his message.” — New York Times review.

5. Hambone

Hope he got to keep that blazer. Meaning the coat, not the gun. Or the cigar. From “Bucktown”

4. Dreamer Tatum

The finest defensive halfback in his league and a proponent of Pyramid Power. From “Semi-Tough”

3. Sgt. Jericho “Action” Jackson

Even Jericho Jackson is pretty awesome. Also, Vanity.

2. Sundog

Is this the image you think of when you read the word “sundog”? Carl’s not even in the best scene in the movie. From “Death Hunt”

1. Apollo Creed

Still the champ (of Carl Weathers character names). From “Rocky,” duh.

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