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    9 Queens Robbed On "RuPaul's Drag Race"

    Shante, you deserved to stay.

    9. Scarlet Envy β€” Season 11

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    OK, I know this is a recent one, but I have never yelled at my TV so loudly before in my life. Though Scarlet did fumble in the challenge, her performance in the lip-sync was nothing short of phenomenal. Ra'Jah O'hara did well, but β€” with the dress reveal and full on glitter bomb moment β€” it is hard to say that Scarlet should have been the one to sashay.

    8. Pandora Boxx – All Stars Season 1

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    As Latrice once wisely she said: "We don’t talk about All Stars 1".

    Pandora was the crowd favorite that everyone wanted to see go all the way. Her unfortunate pairing with Mimi Imfurst sealed her fate as the two queens were the first to sashay away on the first season of All Stars. Of course, fans were left hungry for more of Pandora's unique brand of comedy. Who knows? Maybe she'll pull a Latrice and show up a few more times.

    7. Tatiana β€” All Stars Season 2

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    It pained me so much to see Miss Tati go especially after that sickening lip-sync performance with Alyssa Edwards. Her performance in the Product Launch challenge was not bad but was ultimately not enough to keep her out of the bottom two. Still, Roxxxy was saved even though it was her 4th time in the bottom... ~sigh~

    6. Aja β€” All Stars Season 3

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    This one hits home, because I still cannot get over her talent-show performance where Aja demonstrated how much she had grown in just one short season. Sadly, she was robbed out of a come back considering her "Kitty Girl" verse was the best in her group. Honestly, that entire episode was just one giant disappointment.

    5. Alyssa Edwards β€” All Stars 2

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    Rigamortis. That's all I've got to say about that.

    4. Katya β€” Season 7 & All Stars 2

    Viceland / Via Tenor

    Always the fan favorite and lovable weirdo, Katya should have DEFINITELY seen the light at the end of the tunnel in her season. When she did finally make it to the end in All Stars 2, she lost out to Alaska. Some might argue that Katya deserved that crown.

    3. Gia Gunn β€” All Stars Season 4

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    Oh, Gia... I cannot condone her behavior on All Stars 4. However, facts are facts, America. That lip-sync to RuPaul's "Adrenaline" was hands down the best lip-sync of that entire season and worthy of the double shante.

    2. Manila Luzon β€” All Stars Season 4

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    Too soon, fam. Too soon.

    1. Shangela β€” All Stars Season 3

    World of Wonder / Via Tenor

    By far the biggest disappointments in the entire history of RuPaul's Drag Race was not seeing Shangela have a chance to lip-sync for the crown. It came down to the eliminated queens to decide who deserved to have that honor, β€” um spoiler alert β€” she eliminated half of them. Yikes.

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