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    23 Bizarre Things You Can Actually Buy On Etsy

    I hope you like taxidermy.

    1. Fetus Soap

    2. Taxidermy Frog Purse

    3. Rubber Lips Wall Hanging

    4. Bat Foot Vial Necklace

    5. Creepy Bunny "Rosie"

    6. Taxidermy Alligator Foot Back Scratcher

    7. Fifty Shades Plush Penis

    8. Taxidermy Two-Headed Duckling

    9. Shrunken Head

    10. Taxidermy Standing Pink Rat

    11. Wormbaby Sculpture

    12. Moose Poop Earrings

    13. Denture Compact

    14. Nicolas Cage Cheeseburger Art Print

    15. Taxidermy Gazelle Chicken

    16. Glitter Rodent Skull Necklace

    17. Skull and Spines Lamp

    18. Human Tooth Bracelet

    19. Taxidermy Chicken Ornament

    20. A Pet Cloud

    21. Barbie Doll Face Ring

    22. Incredible Zit Boy Doll

    23. Crochet Plush Digestive System