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    23 Bizarre Things You Can Actually Buy On Etsy

    I hope you like taxidermy.

    1. Fetus Soap


    Not sure how clean I'd feel after showering with that, but feel free to buy it here!

    2. Taxidermy Frog Purse


    I'm quite sure you'd be the only one of your friends to have this interesting purse. Be an individual and buy yours here.

    3. Rubber Lips Wall Hanging


    Omg so quirky. Buy it for your home here.

    4. Bat Foot Vial Necklace


    Who doesn't want dead animals' limbs hanging from their necks? You certainly do — get it here.

    5. Creepy Bunny "Rosie"


    So adorable and not nightmare-inducing at all. Get your new best friend Rosie here.

    6. Taxidermy Alligator Foot Back Scratcher


    Exactly what you want for all those itches you can't reach. Get the dead foot of an animal to scratch your itches here.

    7. Fifty Shades Plush Penis


    You know you secretly want to order 50 of these just for the great gags. Get them here.

    8. Taxidermy Two-Headed Duckling


    It's pretty creepy, but still also fluffy — not to mention it's doubly cute. Get your little monster here.

    9. Shrunken Head


    Get yours here.

    10. Taxidermy Standing Pink Rat


    It's a pink rat standing like it's in a Western. I mean who doesn't want that? Get your little pink friend here.

    11. Wormbaby Sculpture


    It's kind of cute in a weird way. Add a bit of adorable weirdness to your home here.

    12. Moose Poop Earrings


    Because everyone want's animal feces dangling from their ears. Get your pretty poo accessories here.

    13. Denture Compact


    Now you can check your makeup while you're out and look super cute and not creepy at all doing it. Get yours here.

    14. Nicolas Cage Cheeseburger Art Print


    Add some cute Pinterest-worthy decor to your home. Get it here.

    15. Taxidermy Gazelle Chicken


    In case you thought the two-headed ducking wasn't weird enough. Get your hybrid gazelle chicken here.

    16. Glitter Rodent Skull Necklace


    Now you can look both edgy and cute at the same time. Get yours here.

    17. Skull and Spines Lamp


    Sure to brighten up your home. Get it here.

    18. Human Tooth Bracelet


    Isn't it just the accessory you've always wanted? Get yours here.

    19. Taxidermy Chicken Ornament


    Taxidermy has taken a turn, but I'm sure this would look great on your Christmas tree with all the shrunken heads. Get it here.

    20. A Pet Cloud


    You better make sure you're ready for the responsibilities that come with taking care of this little cloud. Get your little fluffy new pet here.

    21. Barbie Doll Face Ring


    Bringing back all the childhood memories. Get your lovely Barbie face accessories here.

    22. Incredible Zit Boy Doll


    The exact kind of lovely plush doll you want to cuddle with at night. Get one here.

    23. Crochet Plush Digestive System


    Educational and cuddly — what more could you want? Get it here.

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