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    9 Movies All Music Lovers Should Stream This Weekend

    Who wants to go to Coachella when you've got Netflix and HBO Go?

    1. Thunder Soul on Netflix

    Snoot Entertainment / Via

    This documentary follows the alumni of the Kashmere High School Stage band as they throw a tribute concert for the band leader that turned them from struggling high school band to 1970's funk all-stars.

    2. Upside Down: The Creation Records Story on Netflix

    Document Productions Ltd. / Via

    This rockumentary follows the storied past of one of indie rock's most popular record labels.

    3. Behind the Candelabra on HBO Now

    HBO Films / Via

    The sequins! The heartbreak! Rob Lowe's fucking face! This Steven Soderbergh look back on Liberace's romance with younger lover, Scott Thornston.

    4. Chicao & Rita on Netflix

    Isle of Man Film / Via

    Set in the 1940's, this animated story of love and glamour features the best in Cuban jazz.

    5. Muscle Shoals on Netflix

    Magnolia Pictures / Via

    This documentary celebrates the recording studio in the tiny town of Muscle Shoals, AL that produced gigantic hits like, "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "Brown Sugar".

    6. Phil Spector on HBO Now

    HBO Films / Via

    Al Pacino plays the controversial record exec, Phil Spector. Helen Mirren is his attorney Linda Kenney Baden. This David Mamet directed flick, has all the drama you would expect surrounding this case.

    7. 30 For 30: Straight Outta LA. on Netflix

    ESPN Films / Via

    This Ice Cube directed film explores how the Raiders influenced the culture of South Central L.A. when they moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s.

    8. Beyoncé Jay-Z On The Run Tour on HBO Now

    HBO Films / Via

    Over two and a half hours of nothing but the hits from these two.

    9. Artifact on Netflix

    The Sisyphus Corporation / Via

    This cautionary tale on the harsh realities of the modern music business, goes behind the scenes as 30 Seconds to Mars engages in a legal battle with their record label EMI.

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