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    Sexism On LinkedIn

    It happened again, a man hit on me on LinkedIn. This time, I chose not to ignore it and wrote him an answer he was probably not looking for.

    A guy hit on a woman on LinkedIn and her answer was not what he expected

    Here’s what is probably my fault: See on LinkedIn I add (almost) everyone, as it is meant to be for networking and you never know who might offer you your next dream job.

    Yesterday somebody asked to connect and I accepted as always. Today, I received the following message from that person:

    "Hello jac

    Thanks for getting back. You have an amazing profile and attractive picture here. Do you mind if we have a chat someday?

    Kind regards."

    This has happened to me before and I would usually just ignore it. This time, I decided I would not do that anymore. This is what I replied:

    "Dear sir,

    I’d like to thank you for taking the time to look at my professional profile. It is really not that amazing (yet), but I’ll get there.

    What I really would like to talk to you about is my profile picture. I also liked myself in it. That’s why I chose it. I liked, that my expression somewhat radiated determination, because I find that among the most important qualities a professional working in PR can have.

    The thing is, me liking my looks is of great value to me and a very personal matter. Meanwhile, I am not in any circumstances interested in what a complete stranger on a professional networking site has to say about my outer appearance.

    If you would like to discuss my work or work experience with me, I am more than happy to do so. If you would like to pick somebody up, please proceed to Tinder. I am not signed up on Tinder. Part of it has to do with the fact that I do not believe in finding love based on a superficial decision I made within a millisecond about somebody’s profile picture. Part of it has to do wih the fact that I’m married.

    While I do like compliments from time to time, I usually like to hear them from people dear to me and certainly not on a platform for professionals.

    I hope, I have answered your question thouroughly enough and would like to remain with kind regards,

    Jacqueline Freundorfer"

    Not expecting a reply...

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