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12 Sob-Worthy Moments In "The Vampire Diaries"

If you didn't sob, you have no heart! Damon must have ripped it out. Literally and emotionally.

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1. When Damon dances

WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT?! *sobs uncontrollably*

2. Jeremy ODs

Is he going to be a vampire? Is he going to die? WHAT IS GOING ON?

...but then he wakes up and everything is okay.

3. Damon confesses his love for Elena (For the first time)

...and then compels her to forget. MY DELENA SHIPPER HEART

4. Rose dies


And Damon gives her one last happy dream *MORE SOBS*


5. Jenna dies

Jenna gets turned into a vampire only to be sacrificed by Klaus! So sad.

6. Anna and Pearl are reunited

It's the mom stuff, you know?!

7. Klaus tells Caroline a bedtime story

This scene inspired us to LIVE!. And so Klaroline began.


All the Alaric feels. (╯︵╰,)


9. Elena drowns

Elena dies the same way her parents did *a single tear rolls down cheek*

10. Klaus watches Kol die

Unable to enter Elena's house, Klaus watches as Jeremy and Elena stake and burn his brother. THE ACTING. SO MANY EMOTIONS.

11. Elena shuts off her emotions

And then burns her house down along with Jeremy's dead body. Damon is perfect as usual.

12. Everybody graduates!!!

Everyone surprisingly shows up to graduation to give us a heartwarming moment that NEVER HAPPENS ON TVD


Alright y'all, let's listen to Damon and prepare ourselves for all the Season 5 feels.

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