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    7 Signs You Came From An Italian American Family

    We love food, food, food and being loud.

    1. Your Family Was EXCITED..

    Via Tumblr

    When Marisa Tomei snagged the Academy Award for her performance in My Cousin Vinny

    2. This Is What Dinner Looks Like When You have an Extra Guest

    Via quickblogcast

    3. Inside Voice?

    What's that..please explain.

    4. Your Nana's Couch Looked Something Like This

    Via blogspot

    or maybe it was pink?

    5. Your Pets Are Usually Fat

    Via oasisanimalclinic

    Pass the pasta.

    6. Pretty Much EVERYONE In Your Family Is Curious

    Via photobucket


    7. 90% Of Your Family Is On A Diet

    Via tumblr

    Even though they dont really know what a diet is.