When Disney And Zombies Collide

A DeviantArt user going by the name Kasami-Sensei mashed the zombie apocalypse with our favorite royalty from the far side of reality. Undead: You’re all on notice.

1. I think Rapunzel got more than she bargained for when she left her tower.

Can magic hair cure the T-virus?

2. Mulan is basically already Michonne.

Ignoring that Mulan is from China and her garb from Japan: Katana FTW.

3. Elsa and Anna’s attire seems a pretty poor choice when a scratch can kill you. But ignoring that, yowza.

Why am I attracted to drawings of fictional characters?

4. Kristoff killed zombie Hans. I approve.

And Sven is a dog. I also approve.

5. Apparently a post-apocalyptic hellscape makes you quite fit. Check out them jawlines.

There’s a new sheriff in town. And cowgirl. And space ranger.

6. Prince Eric is still a hipster, but check out how badass Ariel looks.

7. Check out Kasumi-Sensei’s DeviantArt page here to see the rest of the gallery and for more epic awesomeness.

h/t to imgur users Likeatrueempress and HowToBeard for bringing it to my attention.

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