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Robert Downey Jr. Shows Us The Best Part About Working For Disney

And it's not what you think. Sometimes I wonder if he actually IS Iron Man.

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You would think that Downey's favorite Disney perk would be getting to play the part of Iron Man, a superhero. Or maybe the money and fame that comes with the role. Or getting to collaborate with other great actors. But you would be wrong.

Instead, it's this.

Ryan Adriandhy / Via

Shared by Downey's official Facebook page yesterday, it shows Tony Stark surround by his "Iron Maidens". The post was captioned, "Best part about a Disney deal..." Pepper's going to be pissed. (Also, h/t to Dad in Plaid for dubbing them Iron Maidens. Pure brilliance.)

Entitled "Genius, Billionaire, Fairy-Tale Playboy, Philanthropist", it is a submission from Ryan Adriandhy to Disney Indonesia's Marvel/Disney mashup competition.

For more vaguely narcissistic hilarity, check out Downey's official Facebook page here. He also created a Twitter account last week, so get in on the ground floor with his other 1.3 million followers here.

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