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How 75,000 People Playing A Single Game Of Pokémon Have Created A Religion

The geniuses over at Twitch TV have designed a game of Pokémon Red that responds to chat comments. The resulting chaos is glorious.

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This is accomplished through a program that translates chat comments into in-game commands. With over 120 hours down, they've managed to accrue four badges and are currently, as of this writing, in Team Rocket's Hideout.


Here's a time-lapse from Day #4, at 3500% speed.

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The enemy won the first great victory, as the furry false prophet Eevee and his spherical master were able to banish Abby, real name ABBBBBBBK (, and Jay Leno, real name JLVWNNOOOO, for eternity.


You can watch and participate live, here at Twitch's website. You can also check up on their progress and major events here on Google Docs.

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