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Meet The Most Interesting Man At Comic-Con

Or, one could say, the most interesting Merc. With a Mouth.

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Meet the most interesting man at Comic Con.

Oh no, wait, I'm sorry. This is him.

Better known as cosplayer and YouTuber D-Piddy.

The man has a way with children.

And other men.


And even with the ladies.

Though not all find his advances so appealing.

He's got the best bro.

But not like a brother, like a bro that leaves all the options open.

Slash fiction, here we come.

He's an incorrigible scoundrel. Fellow Con attendees have taken to calling him Prank Sinatra.

As well as Dance Bass.

I'm making both of those nicknames up. But they could be true. It's not like I interviewed the guy or anything.

He's a master of diplomacy.

But, most importantly, the fourth wall means nothing to him.

Come on though, this is Deadpool we're talking about, would you expect anything less?

Check out the full video below.

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