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23 Essential Items For Every Guy In His Early Twenties

You're not in college or living at your parent's house anymore. So man up with list.

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4. A Magic Bullet.


It's inexpensive, the accessories are easily replaced, and it can do the job of a blender and a food processor. As long as you don't need more than two cups done at a time.

7. And for when you need something out of that hamper that hasn't been washed in a couple weeks, some Febreze.


If there is anything on this list that I would consider the MOST essential, it is this item.

14. A stylish, casual jacket.


You don't have to be like Spike with the leather trenchcoat, but something a little more fancy than your off-brand North Face. By now, you should have found your 'look'.

20. At least one bookshelf.


Besides being a great way to store your library, it also makes you look quite cultured. But make sure to put your Tolstoy and Hemingway out front and leave the Stephanie Meyer behind.

Putting those names in the same sentence hurt.

21. Some tools.

I'm not saying a power drill or a bandsaw or the like, but at least a hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, and roll of duct tape. That should take care of most home/apartment maintenance.

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