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    • jacks46

      That guy isawuuuusssss!Ihad the sausage and chicken biscuit and muffin and coffee in the morning. AND sweet tea for breakfast it doesn’t get better than that! Get there at 730 the gates are open! Fruit is for wussies skipped it. At 10Ihad my first pimento chese out of5that’s rightIhad 5! And it wasn’t enough. Then the egg salad sandwich. Then the bbq pork sandwich. Both good not amazing… Then all three beers. IMPORTED FROM AGUSTA. That’s right the import wasadomestic…. Go figure. Had the blue drink and the pink drink. Had the masters club. Ok. Skipped the veggie wraps. Duh. Sweet tea again. The only thing he was right about was the peach icecream cookie. Had3of those bad boys and yes they were godly. Man up and have as many pimentos as you can this isaonceayear event! The only lesson learned here isIdidn’t get enough pimento cheese to stuff in my pockets for the ride home!

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