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9 Shows We Never Wanted To End.

Innnn west Philidelphia born and raised!! Oh how we miss these classics.

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1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


I dare you to find one person that cannot recite, word for word, the intro song to this precious gem. While the Fresh Prince only blessed Bel-Air with his presence for 6 years this show is timeless.

RIP James Avery

2. One Tree Hill


Suddenly your family issues paled in comparison to the Scott family. One Tree Hill was full of love trapezoids and great soundtracks. Was it just me or were your childhood relationship goals to be Naley too?

3. Scrubs


The show that made adult imagination a trait to strive for. With some of the best guest stars from John Ritter (RIP) to Mandy Moore, Scrubs left a hole in our hearts and our TV screens when it went off the air in 2010.

5. That's So Raven


We all wanted to be psychic because of this show. Raven had it all, great friends, an awesome house and she even coined the phrase "Ya' nasty"... but let's not forget she ACTUALLY GOT TO MEET BOYZ N MOTION.

6. How I Met Your Mother


Also known as HIMYM (because who spells it out anymore). Even though HIMYM ended this past fall I am still expecting to sit down and watch every Monday night. If there was any show that earned the right to be called legendary, it was this one.

7. True Blood


Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Fairies oh my! While True Blood is still on the air (Sundays @ 9 on HBO) it is in the home stretch with season 7 being the final season. True Blood gave vampire folklore a new name...Sookie.

8. Dexter


Socially awkward never looked so...dangerous. Dexter cleaned up the streets of Miami for 8 seasons and it got a little messy sometimes. I never felt safer than when I was watching home with my stuffed animals with my door locked and my trusty Nerf blaster.

9. United States of Tara


Even though Tatiana Maslany is a goddess (if you don't know who that is shame on you...but also go here) there was one before her. Toni Collette was Alice, Buck, T, and of course Tara. This was a show for every mood and every personality.

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