8 Jobs That Robots Can Already Do Better Than You

Robot Takeover: Is Your Job Safe?

Robots are smarter than you, stronger than you, and they never get tired. They can even beat you on Jeopardy or in a game of chess without breaking a mechanical sweat. As computers get smarter and robots get more advanced, which jobs are under threat? Let’s take a look…

2. 1. Soldier

This is DARPA’s Petman, used for, um, testing radiation suits, obviously. Yeah right.

Don’t believe robots will take over roles in the military? Meet MAARS. Robots like this have been around for years.

And this is one of Obama’s babies, opening fire on unsuspecting villagers on the other side of the world, once a job done by humans.

5. 2. Journalist

Narrative Science is an algorithm that can write financial and sports reports based on data. You’ll be happy to know that this goddam machine has a column in Forbes and you honestly can’t tell it wasn’t written by a human. Did I mention they are partially funded by the CIA?

6. 3. Driving

Drivers of all sorts of vehicles will be some of the first to lose their jobs. Here is google’s driverless car in action, which is street legal in Nevada. As for train drivers? The DLR trains in London never even had drivers.

7. 4. Teacher

Kids in Korea have to learn English from these charming and helpful robot teachers. YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS TO COMPLY.

8. 5. Artist

This is eDavid, signing his name after painting a portrait. And yes, eDavid is a frickin robot that uses real paint to draw stuff better than you could ever draw stuff.

eDavid also painted these. Impressed?

10. 6. Astronaut

If I was an astronaut, I would be pretty pissed off that robots are getting all the action. This is the robot rover Curiosity taking a selfie on Mars. What a dick.

11. 7. Acrobat

This is just awesome. I wonder if he is taking performance enhancing drugs?

This guy has some skills too

13. 8. Rockstar

In Japan, there is an all robot rock band called Z Machines. They one day hope to play a gig on the moon.

At least humans still seem to have the edge when it comes to smiling. Not that they have anything to smile about given the impending robot takeover.

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