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12 Creepy Crawlies Not To Mess With

Things that have too many legs and make you want to scream. One look at this list and you will sleep with the light on. Forever.

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1. Giant Weta

The biggest insect of them all. The heaviest recorded Giant Weta weighed 72g, which is heavier than a sparrow. Luckily, they only live in New Zealand. Deinacrida, their genus name, is Greek for "terrible grasshopper". No shit.


5. Camel Spider

These spiders can run faster than you and they make a sound like a human screaming when they come for you. They jump, and they bite, and they live in the USA, not just the middle east.

6. Spider Crab

If you hate spiders, you are unlikely to be fond of spider crabs. Spider crabs can have a leg span of up to 12 ft, which is roughly the height of two fully grown men.

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