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Artists On Instagram

From Alec Soth to Laurie Simmons to Stephen Shore, everyone who's staying up to date on social media via Instagram. (in alphabetical order)

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Ami Vitale - @amivitale / Via Instagram: @amivitale

National Geographic Photographer.

Banksy / Via Instagram:

Graffiti artist, political activist, painter, and film activist.

Ben Watts - @wattsupphoto / Via Instagram: @wattsupphoto

urban & fashion photographer.

Brad Elterman - @bradelterman / Via Instagram: @bradelterman

80s rock star photographer.

David Guttenfelder - @dguttenfelder / Via Instagram: @dguttenfelder

National Geographic Photographer.

Ellen Von Unwerth - @ellenvonunwerth / Via Instagram: @ellenvonunwerth

Photographer, Director.

Glen Luchford @_glen_luchford / Via Instagram: @_glen_luchford

film director and fashion photographer, also @therosehotelvenice.

Ira Block - @irablockphoto / Via Instagram: @irablockphoto

National Geographic Photographer.

Jen Stark - @jenstark / Via Instagram: @jenstark

Artist in several mediums but most recognized for her paper sculptures.

Jimmy Chin - @jimmy_chin / Via Instagram: @jimmy_chin

National Geographic Photographer.

Jonathan Mannion - @jonathanmannion / Via Instagram: @jonathanmannion

Hip hop photographer.

Mario Testino - @mariotestino / Via Instagram: @mariotestino

Celebrity Portrait Photographer.

Mert and Marcus - @mertalas / Via Instagram: @mertalas

Duo photographer team. Merts Instagram.

Nick Knight @showstudio_nick_knight / Via Instagram: @showstudio_nick_knight

Photographer. Info.

Pete Souza - @petesouza / Via Instagram: @petesouza

Chief Official White House Photographer.  Behind the lens.

Ryan Mcginley @ryanmcginleystudios / Via Instagram: @ryanmcginleystudios


Shepard Fairy - @obeygiant / Via Instagram: @obeygiant

Contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator and founder of OBEY.

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