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The Fabulous Thing That Playbill Is Doing

As if Playbill needed to be more fabulous.

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Anyone who is a frequenter of Broadway is familiar with the iconic yellow Playbill logo and isn't surprised that it hasn't changed in 130 years.

The yellow banner is a constant presence. So fans might be a little shocked to see a sudden change...

Here's what Playbill President and CEO Phillip Birsh had to say:

"The Broadway community has always been on the forefront of this issue—leading the way to prove that equality, love and respect matters. Playbill continues its support for this vital cause by honoring all the outstanding efforts made by the community at large and will lend our magazine—the magazine of Broadway—to celebrate all the theatrical community has done to further the efforts towards fairness and equality."

The Rainbow logo will be featured on programs on and off Broadway and in other theatre hubs worldwide through the month of June, which is perfect timing as all eyes will be on the world of theatre for The Tony Awards on June 8th. The awards will be televised on CBS at 8pm.

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