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  • Amazon.com GLBT FAIL!

    Authors had their Amazon.com sales rankings removed over the last few days for Young Adult and mainstream books that have GLBT characters. Instructions for protest letters.

  • DreamWidth - A New Journalling Service for Everyone

    Dreamwidth is a creativity- and diversity-friendly journaling (blogging) service. Dreamwidth went into Closed Beta on February 14th, and I (as well as great many others) am so excited I can barely breathe. The Dreamwidth site will open for account creation and paid account sale in the evening (EDT) of April 30. At that time, 200 of the 400 available Seed Accounts will be put on sale ($200 USD). The remaining 200 Seed Accounts will go on sale twelve hours later, on May 1, 2009. (This is to accommodate people in non-US time zones, and give them equal chance to purchase a Seed Account in the event they sell out quickly.) Seed Accounts are the equivalent of LiveJournal Permanent Accounts: this is the only time Dreamwidth will ever sell a “permanent” account.

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