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39 Times You Were Jealous Of One Direction's Hairstylist

Lou Teasdale is the lucky lady that gets to run her hands through One Direction's hair everyday and it's not fair.

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1. When she attended Louis' mom's wedding.


2. When she got to watch Liam shake it on his birthday.

Happy Belated Liam.

3. When she sat across from Harry on a plane.

"Harry came to work dressed as Ace Ventura." She's kind of funny but whatever.

4. When she sat in a car with Ashton from 5sos.

You can't have both Lou, you just can't!

5. When Harry tried to help charity by putting her in an ice freezer.

It's the least you could do, Lou.

6. When she went bowling with Harry... and others.

I'm sure Harry won.

7. When she sat at a table with Harry while he looked like this.

Look at you.

8. When she took this fun photo with 1/2 of 5sos.


9. When she was with Harry while he stood like this.

20. When she had the same hair as Michael Clifford.


21. When she was in this adorable photo.

Harry's smile=life.

22. When she had a barbecue with Harry.

with his shirt unbuttoned.

23. When she did their wax hair.

Alright already you don't need to brag.

24. When she watched Harry and Michael have a serious talk.

Leave them alone Lou.

25. When she linked arms with Harry.

Harry you look so handsome.

26. When she made this moment happen.

Okay, now that's cute!

27. When she made this for Harry's birthday.

You did good this time Lou.

28. When she captured this face.

You complete me, Niall.

30. When she was trapped with Harry and Niall.

And got to witness Niall making that face.

31. When she took this adorable picture.

Zayn, don't ever change.

32. When she was plane mates with Niall.

How is this fair?

33. When she watched Harry and Lux on the computer.


34. When she watched Harry eat ice cream.

And saw how happy he was.

35. When Harry Styles was on her favorites.

Well, almost.

36. When she yanked Niall's hair like this.

Don't hurt him!

37. When she posed with Harry as Miley Cyrus.

Harry you're so funny!

38. When she made Louis cry.

Why you gotta be like that, Lou.

39. When she dyed Niall's hair purple.

Niall you can rock any color.

BONUS: When she was with Seth Cohen (and Olly Murs)!

Stop living my life!

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