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    • jackieb16

      I’ll be honest. I’m 23 and I’ve served most of my life. BECAUSE of that, I’maharsh tipper.Iwork my ass off and if someone is rude to me, I’m always kind back, regardless.Ihave the mindset of wanting customers to enjoy their time and it’s my job to make sure that happens regardless ifIget tipped or not because that’s my job. So ifaserver is rude to me for no reason, or they are just plain lazy because they judge me right off the bat (my boyfriend andIlook like highschoolers-we walk into places and we’re treated not very wellalot of the time because it’s ASSUMED we won’t tip well when it’s quite the opposite) or because they just don’t care about their job, then I’m going to giveashitty tip.  The service doesn’t even have to be good; as long as you can tell the server is actually trying their best and they care about your experience at the restaurant, I’ll tip really well. So, yeah, servers ARE very self-entitled andIdon’t think tipping should ever ever everrr be necessary,Ithink it should only happen when the server shows he or she is trying for you and respects their job.

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