18 Gifts That Whiskey Lovers Will Certainly Love

People love whiskey. People also love gifts. And that should make holiday gift-giving easy. Yet, every year, hundreds of thousands of awful gifts exchange hands. The good news is those awful gifts can land you a pretty amazing one… a Jack Daniel’s holiday sled. We dare you to come up with a better gift than that.

1. Titanium Whiskey Barrel Ring

WedgewoodRings / Via etsy.com

The inner liner of this ring is made from a white oak whiskey barrel. And while the whiskey smell is sealed with finish, you know the goodness is still there. ($245)

2. Prohibition Flier

Vintage2Collect / Via etsy.me

This original announcement appeared during the prohibition area and reminds us of a darker, less lively time. ($9.99)

3. Whiskey Prescription

Another piece of history from prohibition, this pharmacy prescription was good for one pint of whiskey. ($24.95)

4. Whiskey and Snakes Screen Print

KrisJohnsen / Via etsy.com

This W.C. Fields quote is perfect for survival and will also look great framed above your bar. ($18)

5. Framed Whiskey Sketch

garlicisgood / Via etsy.com

This beautifully simple drawing goes best where you want a drink: anywhere. ($40)

6. Labyrinth Glass


Aerate your spirits for the sake of your drink — and your own amusement. ($20)

7. Granite Drink Chillers

Serve your drinks on actual rocks with these drink chillers handcrafted from stones collected on New England beaches. Because they won’t dilute the flavors like a handful of ice, they’re ideal for chilling aged spirits. ($34)

8. Ice Molds

Another drinking essential, these ice molds produce a slow-melting sphere that’s perfect for chilling without diluting. ($9.92)

9. Horn Whiskey Tumblers

These ethically sourced tumblers are an interesting alternative to sipping from a glass. ($89)

10. Whiskey Barrel Tea Light Holder

IndustrialEnvy / Via etsy.com

Made from reclaimed barrels, these little accents maintain their whiskey smell. ($26)

11. Bourbon Marshmallows

Some questions, like “Would you like a yummy whiskey treat?”, answer themselves. ($7.50)

12. Whiskey Sour Pickles

And since every sweet needs a sour, these whiskey sour pickles are quite the complement. ($18.99)

13. Handmade Whiskey Barrel Cuff Links

A small touch of whiskey barrel wood to show your affinity for the spirit. ($36)

14. Whiskey Tasting Notebook

It’s time to unleash your inner whiskey aficionado by jotting down notes on every bourbon, rye, or scotch that you happen to drink. ($45)

15. 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die

…and you’ll be a full-on expert after expanding your palette to an international level. ($15.13)

16. Whiskey Barrel Stylus Pen

This brings new meaning to Hemingway’s classic quote, “Write drunk, edit sober.” ($61)

17. Whiskey Advent Calendar

With a range of hand-picked whiskeys, this gift sure beats the usual box of miniature chocolates.

18. Whiskey Barrel Bar Stool


Whiskey barrels get a second life when they’re fashioned into these handmade bar stools. ($295)

This limited edition, handcrafted Jack Daniel’s holiday sled:

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The only way for whiskey lovers to receive this gift is to win it. Submit your favorite bad holiday gift in our #ItsTheThoughtThatCounts contest, and it could be yours.

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