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11 Ridiculous Gag Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

Because nothing says "I'm the funny one in the group" better than giving a gag gift this holiday season. Upload a pic of some of your best gag gifts and enter in a chance to win a Jack Daniel's Whiskey Sled!

The 13 People Who Are Absolutely Impossible To Shop For

Everyone knows someone who makes gift giving a nightmare... which can result in some "creative" gift options. Upload a photo of one of yours and enter a chance to win a Jack Daniels Holiday Sled.

11 Gifts That Will Turn You Into A Whiskey Connoisseur

You're well on your way! Take a photo of some of your weird, non-awesome whiskey gifts. Then upload them to Jack Daniel's to enter a chance to win an authentic Whiskey Sled (which is the only way a whiskey connoisseur should travel).

15 Pets That Are Too Excited For Christmas

Guard your presents. So you can take a photo of them. So you can show them to Jack Daniel's. So you can win a sick whiskey sled. It's that easy... so do it.

12 Gifts You're Glad Won't Fit Into A Stocking

Not all big surprises are good surprises. But if you receive one of these gems, have no fear! Just post them on the Jack Daniel’s website and maybe win yourself an amazing holiday sled.

11 Gifts You Can Make With Basically Nothing But Thought

The thought will always count more than the cost. So if your budget is all but nonexistent, here are a few ideas that could get you through the holidays. And if the end result is a really bad gift, it might even help someone win a Jack Daniel's holiday sled.

13 Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Almost Too Ugly To Wear

If you received some ugly, ugly warmth this holiday season, you might as well make the most of it. Enter to win your own limited-edition holiday sled from Jack Daniel’s.

12 Presents You’ll Never Be Able To Throw Out

Some gifts are yours for life. And if you can't throw it out, you might as well win something awesome with it, like a custom Jack Daniel's holiday sled.

12 Ridiculous Holiday Gifts You Probably Don't Want

Of course, odds are you'll probably end up with at least one of these gems. And if you do, don't worry. Simply post them on Jack Daniel's website and maybe win yourself an amazing holiday sled.

10 Peculiar Holiday Traditions You May Not Know About

Take a quick glance around the world — what some people call "holiday traditions," we just call "weird." Of course, America is no innocent bystander. Our fascination with the holiday sled is unparalleled. Which is why we'd all probably trade our cars for this beauty from Jack Daniel's.

18 Gifts That Whiskey Lovers Will Certainly Love

People love whiskey. People also love gifts. And that should make holiday gift-giving easy. Yet, every year, hundreds of thousands of awful gifts exchange hands. The good news is those awful gifts can land you a pretty amazing one... a Jack Daniel's holiday sled. We dare you to come up with a better gift than that.