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Demetri Marchessini's Guide To Things That Don't Exist

Homophobia is not the only thing that isn't real.

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One-time UKIP donator Demetri Marchessini declared in an open letter today that "there is no such word as 'homophobic'".

His logic? The word has mixed etymology, with 'homo' having Latin origins, and 'phobia' being Greek. Using that foolproof strategy, let's take a look at some other things which definitely aren't real.

We've been deceived for years - who knew?! Thanks to Marchessini, we now know that it's totally cool to stick our fingers in plug sockets and hate on gay people. Great!


Demetri Marchessini: Bringer of Realness, since 2014.

From Demetri (Greek) + Marchessini (Italian).

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