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    • jackb32

      What a wonderful life Gregg Fieffer must have. Trolling from site to site so he can say nasty things about people who have made something of themselves. People who actually have contributed to their communities, their faiths (no I am not a Mormon), the economy and, although it will come as a surprise to you Gregg his fantastic family. Oh, and Gregg I actually do know him personally. You will be lucky if you get the chance to work with someone of his character and generosity when you graduate (2017?) with that degree in biophysics (???) from good ole Northern Illinois University.

    • jackb32

      CJ if you never picked up the FARTY then you have not hung around with folks that talked about “hanging out the Warsh or putting the dishes in the ZINC”. Most likely you are too young to have gone “down to the Bevo” or had the French Onion Soup at Famous on 8th & Olive (second floor). How about bowling at The Esquire and going across the street to Parkmoor for killer onion rings and the best chili dogs in town (grilled bun plus cheese)? Now I know I will get you if I ask if you know anybody who ever necked on the top deck of the Admiral (night cruises only)…that would be BC (before Casinos)? I miss my City and I not only can still name the “inner City schools” I can name the one’s no longer around including my late wife Nancy’s alma mater..DeAndreis.

    • jackb32

      let me just add that knowing, what provel cheese is, qualifies. Also Kirkwood, Webster, Glendale have always had their special individuality and not generically included in the term “West County”. Also understanding that the number after 39 is? FARTY which runs as a highway along FARest Park. Having ever played corkball or played (or watched) fast-pitch softball at one of the diamonds in Carondelet, Fairgrounds or Forest Parks. And Andrew, the toilet is spelled LOO. The Lou I do not mind, but Saint Louie? Argggghhh!

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