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    • JackAbug

      Dollar-store gloves are $1/pair; “disposable” gloves tend to run about $8-12 for a box of 100-500, depending on materials and special features such as fingertip texturing and whether powder is included.  Scissors not included with either option, BUT you get 4 bonus glove-fingers to use for all those other ‘if only I had a partial glove!’ situations. (Possibly also available at the As Seen On TV! store and/or late-night commercials, subject to substantial S&H and/or restocking fees.)

    • JackAbug

      Depending on what arm position a lefty uses to write (the method depicted in #5 vs. the ‘classic’ hold-your-writing-hand-upside-down pose with the forearm across the top of the page) it’s common for many left-handed people to wind up with silvery graphite-pencil smearing a la #17 on the edge of the palm contiguous with the pinky finger. (If you can’t quite visualize this, and are right-handed, write some gibberish — or words if you’re feeling spunky — across a piece of paper from right to left, using a soft-lead pencil. You should wind up with some smudges on the part of your hand that follows the writing across the page.) #18 is apparently a product you can buy so that the dirty smudges get on your overpriced 20%-of-a-glove instead of your skin. Re: no school-supplied scissors… there were no art classes in your school system? Not even for the little kids?

    • JackAbug

      I agree that the other large countries, whose individual states/provinces/regions/other-subdivisions are bigger than many entire countries, should have been broken down as well, or the USA should’ve been left as a single American-‘football’ area. I rather doubt that sports-fannishness across India or Russia are as homogenous as the map depicts, in addition to your points about China, Australia etc. At least one Canadian province doubtless prefers curling to hockey, and NWT and/or Nunavut might be more enthusiastic about dogsled racing… There’s a worse (IMO) issue with the map, though:
      The area colored in as where Kickboxing is most popular is the locations of Laos (north) and Cambodia (south), the two countries immediately to the east of Thailand… and according to my Google research, football is most popular in both Laos and Cambodia (though kickboxing is also popular in both countries, it is not most popular) and kickboxing is most popular in Thailand.  Presumably that error was a matter of not understanding (or not paying attention to) which southeast-Asian country was which, rather than a case of getting the answer to “what sport is most popular in ___?” wrong three times…

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