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U.S. Exclusive: "Downton Abbey" Season 4 Photos

Our friends at PBS and Masterpiece have given BuzzFeed an exclusive look at five images from Season 4 of the British period drama, which returns to Masterpiece on January 5, 2014. Baby Sybil!

United in grief? Poor Mary and Branson both lost their significant others, Matthew and Sybil, during Season 3 of Downton Abbey. Now both single parents, they'll have to raise their young children on their own. Oh, and with the help of a fleet of servants.

To the manner born? While it appears as though the "Fenian baby" is fitting in quite well at Downton, one can't help but wonder how the Crawleys will react should Tom decide to take a new bride. Hmmm...

The newest addition to the Crawley menagerie is Lady Rose, introduced at the tail end of the third season. The wild Crawley cousin appears to have calmed down a little bit. At least, for now, anyway.

Ever the vigilant sentry, Carson keeps a watchful eye over the goings on at Downton. "What is the point of living if we don't let life change us?" he once asked. Yet Carson remains an implacable force of constancy in a world that is in flux.

Wait, is perpetual dogsbody Daisy actually smiling? It appears that she is, though it may be because the advent of electric kitchen equipment is making the drudgery of her post more easy. That, or she has some new staff to boss around. (Or both.)