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This Wage Gap Alarm Clock Tells Women To Go Home When 79% Of The Day Is Over And It's Amazing

It's 3:20 pm...peace out, y'all

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Earlier in April, MTV'S Look Different teamed up with PARTY NY to create an alarm clock that calls attention to the problematic gender pay gap, aka women are paid only 79% of what men make for working the same job and hours.

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The alarm clock rings when 79% of the work day is done to remind us women that we won't be paid for the rest of the day's work, so we might as well GTFO and do something better with our time. It's both hilarious and insightful...just like womankind.

While the clock is not available for retail to the common woman (the patriarchy wins again!), a few were sent to women in positions of power so they could spread the word.

Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama...casual. And Shonda, need we say more?