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5 Signs You Promote Yourself Too Much

A guide to keeping yourself off of people's "Top Shameless Self-Promoters" list.

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1. Your tweets are hashtagged with your own name. No one likes this. Please stop it now. #izzywolfson

2. Your conversations (in person or via chat) always start with "Have you checked out my..." No. I have not. You're worse than telemarketers. (btw, Have you checked out my new sketch comedy YouTube channel Two Man Tango?

3. You pass out business cards to everyone. All the time. Putting the comedy mask on your business card is not clever nor does it make me think you're funny. If you weren't my wife's brother I'd rip it up in front of you.

(Can you recommend a good site for business cards?)

4. You remind me to follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and like your Facebook page before you ask why I'm wearing a leg cast. You are less than nothing.

(Feel free to subscribe to my YT channel, TwoManTango, follow us @2mantango, and like us on FB at

5. You disguise self-promotion as an anti-self-promotion article on Buzzfeed.

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