14 Times The Cast Of "Vanderpump Rules" Was A Total And Complete Mood

    They just get it.

    Vanderpump Rules is arguably one of the best reality TV shows of our generation.

    In the seven seasons it's been on Bravo, the show has gifted viewers with some seriously memorable moments.

    And a few cringe-worthy ones....

    Still, more often than not, the cast just seems to get us.

    1. They don't try to act better than anyone else.

    2. They're in touch with their feelings.

    3. They're up-to-date on world issues.

    4. They know how to stand up for themselves.

    5. And know when to throw down.

    6. They know how to deescalate any situation.

    7. And can admit when they're wrong...or not.

    8. They've got their priorities straight.

    9. Like, really straight.

    10. They also know how to turn up and let loose.

    11. Some more than others, naturally.

    12. But they also totally get the power of low-key nights.

    13. They take looking good seriously.

    14. I mean, c'mon.

    15. Basically, the Vanderpump Rules kids are all of us.