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Top 10 To Look Out For In 'The Voice' Live Shows

Can Xtina finally take the win?

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1. India Carney (Team Xtina)

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India has been a standout since her Blind Audition, where she got all four judges to press their button for her, and she's been killing it on Team Xtina ever since. From the Battle to the Knockouts, India's emotional performances never fail to give me goosebumps. Need further proof India could take it all the way? Her cover of Jessie J's "Big White Room" got a stamp of approval from Jessie J herself.

2. Rob Taylor (Team Xtina)

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Rob Taylor is another standout from the Blinds. He has the range (those high notes? golden) and the stage presence necessary to win The Voice, but in the Live Shows, all that really matters is song choice. One bad song, and you're out, so the pressure will be on Christina to deliver.

3. Corey Kent White (Team Blake)

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Corey Kent White could convert me to Country. He is the most adorable contestant of the season – just look at those eyes! I can hear teen girls squealing just thinking about him... He may not have the best voice of the season, but he has a boyish charm on stage that could take him all the way.

4. Mia Z (Team Pharrell)

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Mia Z can hit notes only dogs can hear, and that insane ability makes for dynamic performances that force Pharrell up on his feet. Her cool, soulful attitude almost makes me forget to hate her for being so talented at such a young age...(just kidding, I hate everyone)

5. Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell)

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Sawyer knocked it out of the park with his bluesy Blind Audition, but he hasn't quite lived up to that initial performance. If his lackluster Knockout performance of "Collide" proved anything, it's that song choice will be critical for him going into the live rounds. That said, Pharrell is so in love with Sawyer, I expect nothing but the unexpected when Sawyer finally hits the stage live.

6. Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)

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Meghan has been one of the most consistent performers of the season so far, and despite bouncing around from Team Pharrell to Team Blake during the Battle Round, has never really been at risk of going home. She's also got a country fan base built in with Coach Blake, not to mention her own past as a country singer, so I don't doubt she'll at least stick around past the first eliminations.

7. Lexi Dávila (Team Xtina)

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Christina stole Lexi in the Knockout rounds for a reason: those smooth high notes. And, hopefully, she'll let Lexi show off her range and embrace her sassy side in the live shows. Lexi may be a bit of an uneven performer, but her improvement so far tells me she could be one of this season's biggest surprises.

8. Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)

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Hannah Kirby's road to the live shows has been a bit chaotic. The singer started off on Team Blake, was eliminated in the battles, saved by Team Pharrell, and then eliminated in the knockouts only to be saved, once again, by Team Blake. I have no doubt that Hannah's quirky on stage energy and awesomely awkward dance moves will make for a thoroughly entertaining performance. Did I mention she also has a killer voice?

9. Nathan Hermida (Team Adam)

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Nathan Hermida hasn't gotten a lot of screen time so far, but I have a feeling he could be a standout come the live shows. A lot of viewers already have their favorites in mind, but that gives Nathan an edge. If he can come out and deliver a knockout performance, then he could be on his way to the finale.

10. Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

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I'm going to be honest: Joshua Davis does absolutely nothing for me. Is he talented? Yes, but he has yet to deliver the kind of show stopping performance that makes me want to watch him over and over again. That said, I also know how much the world loves a family man with a guitar, so I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised by Josh.

The Voice Live Shows start Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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