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The 10 Best Britney Spears Songs That Were Never Released As Singles

Brit Brit has some pretty fierce tracks that were tragically never released as singles.

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10. "Cinderella" (Britney)

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A song with a story: a girl who's always been at the beck and call of her boyfriend and just wants to be independent for once.

Best lyric: "I'm sorry, just trying to live my life / Don't worry, you're gonna be alright / But Cinderella's got to go"

9. "The Touch of My Hand" (In The Zone)

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Some might think this song is just another example of Britney trying to prove she's all grown up, but, from a basic feminist perspective, a song about a woman masturbating is pretty ballsy and unique.

Plus, it's actually a really cool song, more soft and smooth than upbeat and dance-y, making it the perfect song when you want pop but don't want to feel like you should be in your pjs, jumping around and singing into a hairbrush.

Best lyric: "I'm not ashamed of the things that I dream / I find myself flirting with the verge of obscene"

8. "(I Got That) Boom Boom" (In The Zone)

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This song is very, very early '00s (I mean, it features the Ying Yang Twins for crying out loud). It's definitely out of Britney's comfort zone, and it's not her best, but it's worth a listen if you want to dance and feel damn good.

Best lyric: "Don't be shy / I want you to come closer / So what you gonna do?"

7. "Ooh, Ooh, Baby" (Blackout)

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Another sexy Brit Brit track off her most overlooked album. In addition to this song being all around excellent, it's also a great workout song. Trust me.

Best lyric: "Your voice is like music to my ears / Whisper softly and the world just disappears"

6. "Don't Go Knocking On My Door" (Oops!...I Did It Again)

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Hell hath no fury like a Britney scorned.

Best lyric: "Time is up / No more cheat n' lie / No more tears to dry / You and I, we're like so bye-bye"

5. "Bombastic Love" (Britney)

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This song was way ahead of its time. Listen to it and tell me you couldn't picture it in today's Top 40. Go on, I'll wait.

Best lyric: "Don't know why / I feel so insecure / I never understood what it's good for"

4. "What U See (Is What You Get)" (Oops!...I Did It Again)

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I have no earthly idea as to why this song was never released as a single. It's pretty much gold.

Best lyric: "I can't have no chains around me, baby can't you see / I can be anything you dream of, but I gotta feel free"

3. "Inside Out" (Femme Fatale)

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Pure brilliance. Girl just wants to have some break up sex, and what Britney wants, Britney gets.

Best lyric: "Won't you give me something to remember / Baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out"

2. "Thinkin' About You" (...Baby One More Time)

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This gem is pure late '90s/'00s pop: optimistic, joyful and it actually features some impressive vocals (yes, I said impressive).

Best lyric: "Each day that I spend around you / Passes by too fast / Each night that I spend without you / Is longer than the last"

1. "What It's Like To Be Me" (Britney)

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This song is probably one of the best Britney songs of ALL TIME (hence it's number one spot on this list). Why? Just a little someone named Justin Timberlake. He does some beat boxing. 'Nuf said.

Best lyric: "Take your time or you lose / This is my game, my rules"

Honorable Mentions:

"Lace and Leather" (Circus) — Listen to this when you're getting ready to go out. You will feel your sexiness grow 1000%.

"E-mail My Heart" (...Baby One More Time) — I just wanted to make you all aware that this song exists. You're welcome.

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