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Failed WB Shows And The Future Heartthrobs That Starred In Them

Shows You Forgot Were On The WB And The Hotties You Forgot Starred In Them - How many do you remember?

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The Bedford Diaries (2006)


Before he got a buzz cut and became Dan Humphrey, Penn Badgley played enthusiastic freshman Owen Gregory on this short-lived drama.

The Bedford Diaries followed a handful of college students who take a seminar called "Sexual Behavior and the Human Condition." That group of college students also included a post-Gilmore Girls' Milo Ventimiglia.


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In case you were wondering, The Bedford Diaries wasn't Badgley's first WB show, in fact, he had already starred in two other dramas before 2006 – Do Over (2002) and The Mountain (2004-2005) – and appeared in one episode of What I Like About You.

Young Americans (2000)

Utterly forgettable, Young Americans was supposed to be a Dawson's Creek spinoff. The show about boys attending an elite summer program only lasted eight episodes, but it helped launch the careers of two future WB/CW stars: the pouty (see above) Ian Somerhalder, who went on to star in Lost (RIP Boone) and The Vampire Diaries, and future Gilmore Girls/The Good Wife stud, Matt Czuchry.

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Summerland (2004)


Ryan Kwanten played a surfer in this summer soap staring Full House's Lori Loughlin. On the show, he helped get Jesse McCartney (circa "Beautiful Sou") into professional surfing, all while being shirtless and talking in his sexy Australian accent.

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Zac Efron also appeared on this soapy drama as a love interest for Kay Panabaker before his voice changed and he serenaded all of us in High School Musical. He didn't yet have the six pack, but he did have a gap in his teeth.

Jack And Bobby (2004-2005)

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Little Logan Lerman starred in this sweet show as a future President of the United States – a bit hokey at times, sure, but completely worthwhile. Other future mega-stars who appeared on the show include future Mad Men stars John Slattery and Jessica Paré as a sweet father-daughter pair.

Bonus points: Shailene Woodley appeared in two episodes as Jessica Paré's little sister.

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