9 "Grey’s Anatomy" Storylines That Were Incredible, And 9 That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day

    George and Izzy had about as much chemistry as Joey and Rachel from Friends.

    There’s no doubt that Grey’s Anatomy is responsible for some of the most incredible storylines in television history, but even as a die-hard Grey’s fan I have to admit that there were also a number of storylines that were, quite frankly, a little questionable.

    Here are some of Grey’s Anatomy’s best storylines...it's safe to say there are some major spoilers ahead!

     Also, this post includes references to sexual assault.

    1. When a victim of sexual assault is supported by all the women on duty.

    2. The hospital shooting.

    3. Zola’s adoption.

    4. Meredith commits insurance fraud to save a child’s life.

    5. The bomb crisis.

    6. George supports Bailey through childbirth.

    7. April and Jackson’s baby is diagnosed with a rare condition.

    8. The plane crash.

    9. Cristina’s departure.

    And some that were not so great…

    10. Ghost sex.

    11. The entire musical episode.

    12. Alex’s abrupt exit.

    13. Derek’s death.

    14. George and Izzy’s affair.

    15. Jackson and Maggie’s rocky relationship.

    16. Callie leaves Seattle to be with Penny.

    17. Minnick arriving at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

    18. The evolution of Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca.

    Any majorly good or bad storylines from Grey's Anatomy I missed? Let us now in the comments below!