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An Introduction To Bobby Deol's Criminally Underrated Dancing

Haters have oft claimed that the dancing gene skipped the Deol clan, but Bobby always remained the one glorious exception. YOU DO YOU, BOBBY.

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It was the dark days of growing up in the latter half of the 1990s, when mullets ruled and hair product usage was not a thing yet. In these trying times, however, our screens were lit up by the sheer enthusiasm with which Bobby Deol swirled his shoulders and flipped his hair. The 2000s will forever be known as the years when he truly owned his cinematic legacy.


4. That time when he DESTROYED the dance-off with this flawless interpretive number.

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Go home, Malaika. Not even your leather-clad self and your entire posse of erroneously-costumed backup dancers can defeat Bobby when he decides to bring it.

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