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take this quiz to find out if ur lazy linda or yolo yimin

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  1. describe your love life

    lmao whats that?
    already decided on my wedding cake!
  2. what kind of music do you listen to

    random indie songs
    songs that channel my inner #thuglyfe
  3. which meme speaks to you on a spiritual level

  4. how long do you take to respond to a FB message

    2-5 months depending on who you are
    as soon as i see it
  5. how many times have you been rejected from frogs

    i stopped counting after the 10th rejection #babyface #noboobs
    only tried once and failed miserably
  6. if you could be a disney princess, which one would you be

    sleeping beauty cause i luv my sleep
    belle cause im a beauty
  7. how would you describe your style

    99% hobo 1% red carpet
    basic af
  8. what's your hobby

    scrolling mindlessly on your fb timeline to avoid all your responsibilities
    stalking people's linkedin
  9. what's your pet peeve

    when my roommate leaves her leftover food overnight and our room smells like an asian supermarket the next day
    when my roommate decides to set her alarm for 6 am and ends up getting out of bed at 10:30


You got: lazy linda

ur a lazy ass hoe

lazy linda
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You got: yolo yimin

more like yoLo with a big fat L

yolo yimin
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