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Doughnuts, From A To Z(ed)

And just one doughnut per letter. Because life's full of tough choices, innit?

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An-doughnut / Via Instagram: @kitayamaissei

An-doughnut filled with red bean paste at the Nakaya bakery in Nagoya, Japan.

Berliner / Via Instagram: @dokumentiert

Berliner Pfannkuchen in Germany

Churros / Via Instagram: @estephensito.oficial

A stuffed churro in Querétaro, Mexico.

Doughnut holes / Via Instagram: @blastronaut

Doughnut holes at Donut Savant in Oakland, CA.

Elephant Ear / Via Instagram: @awilson715

Elephant Ear at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.

Fudge doughnut / Via Instagram: @sophiecharlton97

Fudge doughnut from Fisher and Donaldson in Scotland.

Ham chiam peng / Via Instagram: @jessicamirah

Ham chiam peng (5-spice doughnuts) in Batam, Indonesia.

Nonnevotten / Via Instagram: @frankuitbeek

Nonnevotten in the Netherlands

Ox tongue pastry / Via Instagram: @jbubblewrapu

Ox tongue pastry in Hong Kong.

Picarones / Via Instagram: @ms_chi

Picarones in Cusco, Peru.

Quince pastry (Pastelito de membrillo) / Via Instagram: @linalimonlinalimon

Pastelitos de membrillo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Roscos / Via Instagram: @cantonetcafe

Roscos de San Isidro in Spain.

Sufganiyot / Via Instagram: @maisoneverett

Sufganiyot at Dallal Bakery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Waffle doughnuts ("Wonuts") / Via Instagram: @grindernotsub

Waffle doughnuts at the Waffles Cafe in Chicago.

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