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Why Eye Candy Deserved A 2nd Season

I'll admit, I shipped Tindy & now I will never know what happens. Plus, I need closure as to where Lindy's sister has been. Anyone else feel me?

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1. Strong Female Lead

A great plot with a great female lead. A girl on a mission to save her sister while kicking major ass in the cyber crimes unit. Not enough shows focus on a strong female lead and Victoria Justice nailed it.

2. A Story Line That Brought Awareness

For me, after watching the pilot, I deleted Facebook, made sure I never went on Tinder and carried pepper spray on me. The storyline of Lindy trying to find her kidnapped sister was heart wrenching and brought awareness that too many women are taken against their will.

3. Independence

Although she went from one hot boyfriend to another (mind you he was a serial killer) and had undeniable chemistry with Tommy, she never stopped being independent. Stubborn, yet independent. And she didn't need a man (even though she had one or two).

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