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9 Devine Beauty Products For A Harsh Winter

The cold doesn't bother you anyway? I think not. Here are 9 great products to cure your winter blues.

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Body Butter

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Anything with cream or butter in the title is a great way to keep you skin happy. Lotion is just not created equal in the winter. Apply after your shower when your skin, believe it or not, is very dehydrated.

If your skin is super sensitive and you're dying for relief, try Curel. It is so gentle you can use it on your face as well.

Try Sephora's Soap & Glory, The Righteous Body Butter

Retinoid Products

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Retinoid products are great to use in the winter after your skin has gone through a long year. They even your skin tone and brighten your complexion. Miracle Worker by Philosophy is great for younger skin. Just apply at night. If you're unsure Philosophy offers smaller trial packs.

Moisturizing Lip Balm

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We all love our traditional chapstick, but sometimes it's worth it to give up the flavors and colors. Winter can be so hards that your lips hurt. Try Carmex's line of moisturizing lip balms. Apply night or day and your lips feel almost instantly better. Available at most drugstores.

Gentle Face Wash

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As the seasons change, your skin does also. It's good to alternate what face wash you use. For those with very sensitive skin or irritated by the dry weather try Simple Skincare's line of products. Their moisturizing face wash is gentle enough to use twice a day. It's available in most drug stores.

Psst. Their makeup removing wipes are also awesome.

Face Cleaning Brush

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October, November, December, and January are full of those parties where you put on your best make. Sometimes, that can be your enemy. Face cleaning brushes are a great way to get everything off, especially what you do't see, after you've used your make removal products. Try a Clarisonic Mia with sensitive skin brush heads. To save some money, you can also use generic brush heads from another company.

Be aware, you might want to use this only a few times a week! use your judgement based on your skin type.



You don't always realize you need vitamins for something besides a cold. Many times they come in a dissolvable easy tablet or even those gummies. Try Nature's Bounty or any other similar product. They help to keep everything strong in the cold.

If you're just focused on your skin, collagen powder is a great tastless supplement to mix into your morning drink .

Hair Treatments

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Hair masks can be life savers after a year of sun and straighteners. Lush products are all fantastic and super amazing on hair because they are very natural. Go into any store and you can get a sample in you are unsure. H'SUAN WEN HUA is their great mask that you leave in just before you shower. If you're still unsure go into the store anyway because it smells amazing.

If you don't want to spend the money don't worry. There are great homemade recipes that sounds gross but work wonders.

Facial Moisturizer


This is incredibly important. The winter makes your skin cry, but moisturizers all act differently on everybody's' skin. My favorite is Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It is gentle and oil free. It absorbs very well. It also has salicylic acid which is great for skin irritated by holiday party makeup. It, along with other great Clean and Clear products are available at most drugstores.

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