7 Awesome Items From Shark Tank

I love watching people make fools of themselves when pitching weird or stupid ideas for millions of dollars. But every now and then, someone invents something really cool - or so weird, it’s actually awesome - so let’s pay tribute to these amazing ideas.

1. 1. Puppy Cake Mix

This girl didn’t get a deal and some of the sharks thought it was odd, but, I love to bake and I love my dogs..so,yeah, i’d totally buy this.

2. 2. Yubo Lunchbox

Can I be a kid again so I can pick what my lunchbox looks like? Would it be weird if I took one of these to work now, as a 23-year old…?

3. 3. Breathometer

I’d probably carry this around just because breathing into it to call a cab when you’re drunk is probably easier than trying to dial a number.

4. 4. AVA The Elephant

Not gonna lie…this would make taking medicine easier NOW

5. 5. The Spattty

THIS THING IS GENIUS. You know how many times I get angry when I can’t get the rest of the lotion at the bottom of a bottle!? I NEED YOU SPATTY.

6. 6. Teddy Needs A Bath

I mean, this is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Plus, this would save alot of stress when you wash your stuffed animals and stare at the washer the entire time, hoping it’s okay…

7. 7. The 180 Cup

This takes drinking games to a whole new level. Can I go back to college now?

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