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17 Reasons Why I Would Make A Good Associate Community Editor At BuzzFeed

This is why you should hire me.

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1. I graduated college

They said I would have a job when I graduated, but I've been living at home like:

2. But I'd be a great Associate Community Editor because I'm really motivational

3. And I give really good pep talks

4. As a leader, I love complimenting people when they do something right

5. I'll inspire Community contributors to keep submitting

" '20 Ways To Eat A French Bread Pizza?' I think you can come up with 31."

6. And I'll keep valuable contributors around

7. And I'll help solve problems within the BuzzFeed Community

8. Because I can communicate effectively with a team

9. I also have tons of ideas and creative posts to implement for the Community

10. Because I have a deep understanding of online culture

11. I will advise the Community Editor and Community Manager when issues occur

12. Because I'm a great liaison for team members

13. And I'll always be on time and stay on schedule

14. I totally have a love for online communities

15. And already love contributing to them

16. Plus, I'm really friendly and I create a fun atmosphere

17. And I'll go to lunch with you when no one else will

So please consider me for the Associate Community Editor position

And stop looking at other applicants

Because I am everything you want in an Associate Community Editor and more

So please hire me.

Thanks for your consideration!

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