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Shortlist Announced for YouTube Play

YouTube Play “A Biennial of Creative Video” has whittled down their 23,000 submissions to a shortlist of 125 from all around the world. We’ll admit, we had no idea this highbrow competition existed at YouTube, the catch-all of video sites, this is the inaugural competition. YouTube Play is a collaboration between YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum. The winner will be presented at the Guggenheim New York on October 21 with simultaneous presentations in Berlin, Bilbao and Venice and will be on view from October 22-24 at the museums and on the YouTube Play Channel. This is must see work for anyone interested in creative video filmmaking. Check back here on the 21st for the winning announcement! Check out the competition and get to work, you only have about 23 more months to submit to the next competion! Deadline: 2012 Check the event video on our site by following the link above.

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