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    20 Reasons Why Ilana From "Broad City" Is The Ultimate Best Friend.

    You just KNOW she'd take a bullet for you.

    1. She's got the moves.

    2. Her straight-talking approach to relationships is admirable.

    3. As is her straight-talking approach to literally everything else.

    4. She'll teach you how to play it cool.

    5. But you'll be safe in the knowledge that she's actually a nerd just like you.

    6. She's not afraid of a little real talk.

    7. She'll give you a few tips on body appreciation.

    8. She'll make you feel like a god damn PRINCESS.

    9. She keeps her cool when chaos is all around.

    10. But that doesn't mean she doesn't lose her shit occasionally.

    11. She'll encourage you to try stuff that you otherwise wouldn't.

    12. She would never be too busy to engage in a face-making contest with you

    13. She'll cover for you when you lose your shit.

    14. She will show you where you've been going wrong when socialising all these years.

    15. If you mess up, she'll totally get over it.

    16. She'll always be happy to share in your existential 20s angst.

    17. She isn't afraid to call you out on your bullshit.

    18. She will be happy to scout eye candy with you.

    19. She will keep you on your toes.

    20. She will ultimately give you the love and respect you deserve.