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    8 Israelis Who Made Us Proud In 2014

    Welcome, world - Israeli Vibe is on Buzzfeed! We're kicking off our channel and the new year with this awesome list of Israelis from 2014. With such a fantastic year behind us, who knows what great achievements 2015 will bring?

    1. Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman

    2. David Blatt: Basketball Wizard

    3. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel: Master Chef

    4. Leslie Lobel: Deciphering Disease

    5. Tarif Bader: Saving Syrian Lives

    6. Ester Rada: Diva of the Year

    7. Marta Weinstock-Rosin: Prized Physician

    8. The Israeli Spirit: Swimmers with a Cause