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    20 Problems Only Taglit-Birthright Israel Participants Can Understand

    Some of the best problems to have, of course.

    1. Trying to stay in touch with 45 new best friends

    2. Not being able to bargain at the local market back home

    3. The feeling you get after your first #ThrowBackThursday post

    4. No longer having your entire schedule planned out for you during the next 10 days

    5. Having that "deer in the headlights" look when someone speaks Hebrew to you

    6. Overdosing on falafel, pita and hummus

    7. That awkward moment when you still don't know someone's name on the 10th day of the 10-day trip

    8. Never wanting to leave Israel

    9. Being way too comfortable around 45 people you met just a few days ago

    10. Using shekels like they're Monopoly money

    11. The sudden onset of depression after realizing your Israeli soldiers aren't going home with you

    12. Sweating profusely in the "dead" of winter

    13. Explaining to people back home why you're plastered with mud from head to toe

    14. Traveling an entire country on a bus without a bathroom

    15. Realizing you won't eat 3 full meals a day again for a very, very long time

    16. Trying to take a good selfie while riding a camel

    17. Being ready for bed at 4 in the afternoon

    18. Unexpectedly falling in love with Israel

    19. Trying to follow your favorite sports teams from halfway across the world

    20. Realizing you're probably never going on another free trip to Israel again

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