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    14 Reasons Why Jew Should Be Thankful

    There are thousands of us Jews, and we each differ in just as many ways. No matter where you fall on the Jew-ish spectrum, here are 14 things we have in common, and why we should feel a strong sense of pride and gratitude to call ourselves part of the tribe.

    1. We're 'chosen'


    I'm not quite sure what we were chosen for...shouldn't Moses have asked for details before signing anything? But it's apparent our strong, little Jewish state and community have a definitive purpose and are fighting the good fight.

    Though some think the chosen thing makes us seem "superior" and "elitist," the reality is that we're actually more like the 'designated driver' of the Middle East. No one wants to be the DD, but someone needs to step up and take responsibility for the people's safety and security. It just so happens we are the ones willing to step on the gas to make sure our peeps get home safely.

    2. We're like one ginormous family


    American or Israeli Jews, Orthodox or secular Jews, half Jews, whole Jews, orange Jews…you get the point. Love it or hate it, we’re all Jews.

    We toe the line between love and hate. We fight and make up. We celebrate and commiserate. We fall and get picked up. We cheer with pride and support. At the end of the day, we stick together like sweet cheese noodle kugel - one big sweet, savory and flourishing Jewish family.

    3. Shabbat


    It's written in the rule book kids. Whether you choose to abide or not is up to Jew, but from Friday to Saturday evening, we have a prescribed day of rest and family time. It's the perfect opportunity to unplug from technology, reflect on your week, and recharge for the next one. I don't know any other big holy book where relaxation is a mitzvah, but hello Sabbathcation!

    4. The food


    Hummus and pita, and spinach filled kugel. Bagels and cream cheese, and soup, chicken noodle. Gefilte fish, and French toast challah bread, these are a few of our favorite spreadssss! (Please sing in tune to Sound of Music, Favorite Things)

    Is it just us or does your family also discuss lunch at breakfast, dinner at brunch, and Jewish apple cake all day? It’s certainly not uncommon to walk into any Jewish household and be greeted with offers for coffee, cake, or chicken and rice. No wonder our noses are so big.

    5. We've never been stronger


    It’s safe to say the past summer was unlike any other. When our holy homeland came under attack by the bad guys, the IDF did what they needed to do - but we heartbreakingly lost 66 brave sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers, and thousands of innocent civilian lives as well.

    So WTF is the bright side? For the first time in our lifetime, we saw the worldwide Jewish community abuzz with true blue and white support.

    From socks to fresh pizza, soldier donation campaigns caught momentum like wildfire. Jewish mothers began cooking with worry, and homemade goodies were delivered every day to army bases; so much so the army had to request a stop. Thousands of strangers attended funerals and mourned the boys who became our brothers.

    It was a rough summer, but they say out of darkness comes light. Though heartbreak was suffered worldwide, Jews from all over stepped up in solidarity, and our community became a protective edge for those protecting us. Within 50 days of war and beyond, thousands of acts of kindness were committed - and we saw proof of the power we have when we stand as ONE.

    6. Just call us MacGuyverbaum


    If you don't know who Macguyver is, please immediately ask anyone born before 1985. Or 30 years ago, whichever sounds less scary. (Both do - EEK) He was a dude on a TV show who could fix anything with a rubber band, a toothpick, and a cap full of shampoo. We Jews are basically the same. We think outside the box. We don’t accept it can’t be done - we find a way to get it done. We find solutions to problems, and we don't take CAN'T for an answer.

    7. It's a mitzvah to get drunk

    Via giphy

    On one splendid day of the year, the Holy book states “Hear ye, on Purim, it is declared a good deed to get obliterated, may you get crunk until you pass out, L’chaim!” Please note this is quite a loose interpretation - the exact wording escapes us at the moment. But seriously, since the Purim story exists due to a glass of wine, the sages obligate us to get drunk in order to remember the great miracle. Alright alright Rabbi, we'll cheers to that.

    8. We're smart


    Okay, not ALL of us. But the one thing all the 'boycott Israel' drama has made clear is how much value certain Jewish people have given to…the whole entire world?

    We've helped enable the existence of all computers and cell phones, put hybrid cars on the map, created and shared water sanitation systems worldwide, and please don't forget about seamless thongs. Jews are not only advancing technology daily, but offer up the leading medical and pharmaceutical advancements to date. Is every Jew born with a smart gene filled with achievement and world changing intelligence? Certainly not, but some of us have our dedication, drive, moms, and MacGuyverbaum, to thank.

    9. We've been there, done that

    Via senorgif

    That time our grands and great grands and double grand family members experienced a racial genocide where 6 million of their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins were ruthlessly tortured and killed, and the world stayed silent? As it goes, we're seeing some similarities today - but we're speaking about The Holocaust.

    The Jews have already been through the absolute worst case scenario. And we mean it when we say Never. Again. Just try us.

    10. Tradition, TRADITION!


    You say tomato, I say tomaHto. The bottom line is we've heard the same stories, we sing the same songs, we like Chinese food on Christmas, we clap when we land in Israel, and we all love matzah ball soup. You also probably have ‘matchmaker, matchmaker...’ stuck in your head now. It’s just how we Jew.

    11. We're everywhere

    We've taken 'wandering Jew' to new heights. How cool is it to know that wherever you travel in the world, you will surely come into contact with a group of Jews. You'll know because they will be found at the local hummus joint, knowing it's not as good as back home but savoring every bite of delicious obliterated chickpea. No matter whether it’s Middle East, South East, Midwest, or Florida, it’s always a comfort being surrounded by ‘your people.’

    12. Jewish Mothers

    Via giphy

    We all came from one and we all love one. Judaism as a faith has the highest respect and honor for women, and in today's world that is an admiration in itself. We believe in the miracle of childbirth and we cherish the fact that women carry every single being onto this Earth. Not only that, the most important part of a Jewish home is the responsibility of the woman - to provide her wisdom, nurturing, and spiritual well being and to be “the light” of the house. You know what they say...behind every man, stands an amazing, fabulous, intelligent, glorious, strong woman.

    13. We value life

    In all senses of the word. While some religions focus on the afterlife, Judaism values real life…as in today, right now. No matter what spectrum of Jew you are – whether you go to synagogue, starve on Yom Kippur, or just use the high holidays as an excuse to take off work – the Jewish faith ultimately promotes kindness, wisdom and charity. Being a Jew is much more about being a good person than it is how many times you go to synagogue a year.

    14. Can we say Birthright?

    Via giphy

    What other faith believes that all baby Jews should get to see the holy land? How amazing is it that a community of Jews is able to fund an organization based solely on sending younger generations to Israel? We're lucky our elders feel so strongly about a solid Jewish education, and we're lucky for the chance of a lifetime - to freely walk the soil of the only true Jewish homeland we have to date.

    If you haven't already, check it out here: freejourneytoisrael.

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