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    13 Must-Know Hebrew Words For Your Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip

    This cheat sheet won't get you in trouble. #xperienceisrael with #israelxperience.

    1. Taglit (tah-gleet) - discovery

    2. Gamal (gah-mall) - camel

    3. Chayaleem (chai-yall-eem) - soldiers

    4. Toda (toe-dah) - thanks

    5. Mayim (my-eem) - water

    6. Ochel (oh-chel) - food

    7. Kef - fun

    8. Bevakasha (beh-vah-kah-shah) - please / you're welcome

    9. Kaitz (kai-tz) - summer

    10. HaKotel (hah-koe-tell) - The Wall

    11. Chaverim (chah-ver-eem) - friends

    12. Sherutim (sheh-roo-teem) - bathroom

    13. Bar Refaeli

    14. Yisrael (yees-rah-el) - Israel

    For a list of popular Hebrew slang words, click here.

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