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This Man In A Bathrobe Is Wondering Why There’s A Woman In His Men-Only Club

Wherefore art thou, Bathrobe Guy?

The Canadian federal election took another weird turn Wednesday when a private Toronto men's club became the scene of controversy and intrigue.

The whole thing didn't sit well with Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland, who is also her party's trade critic.

But while she spoke to reporters in the Cambridge Club's foyer, a man in a bathrobe mysteriously appeared to take in the scene.

Before long, people started wondering about him.

Alternate angle of bathrobe man at Freeland scrum today. #cdnpoli

Bathrobe Guy poses many question, the most significant being, "Who wears running shoes with a bathrobe?" What's going on there?

And reporters wanted to chase him down to ask about...the bathrobe, probably.

Okay Twitter help me out here. Get RTing. We need to speak with Bathrobe Guy. Who is he? Tips? rdoolittle@globeandmail.com

Who is this guy?

#bathrobeguy: Is that a woman talking to a man in a men's club? Where are my clothes? http://t.co/pJiY9cB5Ut

Did he even know what was happening?

Bathrobe Guy's cameo comes after Angry Conservative Supporter and Middle Kid already stole the show earlier in the election campaign.

Who else will join the pantheon of Random Campaign Appearances?