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People Shared Incredible Photos Of A Yellowknife Lightning Storm

"Wow. Lightning. In Yellowknife. In April."

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People in the Northwest Territories were surprised this week when a lightning storm lit up the skies over Yellowknife and surrounding areas. The photos are incredible.

Instagram: @tzade

The mayor of Yellowknife, Mark Heyck, shared this video on Facebook showing just how wild the lightning storm was.

Facebook: video.php

"Wow," Heyck wrote. "Lightning. In Yellowknife. In April."

The light show turned the dark night an eerie purple as the lightning danced across the sky.

Instagram: @seansguesthouse

The lightning provided this incredible backlighting for the United in Celebration sculpture, designed by Yellowknife artist Francois Thibault.

Crazy lighting storm over Yellowknife tonight! #photography #yzf #Lightning #stormiscoming

An exceptionally rare Yellowknife storm last night c/o Denecho Morin #YZF


Another great shot of last nights storm in Yellowknife c/o Clayton Erickson #YZF