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    13 Reasons The Canada Student Loans Website Is Complete Garbage


    We need to talk about how awful the Canada Student Loans website is. Because it's really, really bad.

    Natoinal Student Loans Service Centre

    1. First of all, they make it really hard to find. How is anyone supposed to remember this URL?

    Natoinal Student Loans Service Centre

    It's not even in the first page of google results when you search for "Canada student loans."

    2. Actually signing in is a huge pain in the ass.

    @michaelleung / Via Twitter: @michaelleung

    3. Just look at where they put the "sign in" link.

    Natoinal Student Loans Service Centre

    4. Even once you sign in, sometimes it just doesn't... load?

    Motwera / Via Twitter: @Motwera

    5. Pretty much everyone hates it.

    @qui_oui / Via Twitter: @qui_oui

    6. The site goes down allllll the fucking time.

    @jess_forddd / Via Twitter: @jess_forddd

    7. "Lol you wanna pay us back? Nope!"

    @xxoashlie / Via Twitter: @xxoashlie

    8. It's extra awesome when you're told you have an URGENT MESSAGE but then can't actually see it.

    @evlnyng / Via Twitter: @evlnyng

    9. How much maintenance can a single website possibly need?

    @BallsCreekBoy / Via Twitter: @BallsCreekBoy

    10. And worst of all, it doesn't even work on a phone!

    Giphy / Via

    Smartphones are a thing. People use them to do stuff like this. Why doesn't the government recognize this basic fact?

    11. Are they doing this on purpose?

    @xphat / Via Twitter: @xphat

    12. Seriously, it shouldn't be this hard to have a functional website!

    @karynfulcher / Via Twitter: @karynfulcher

    13. In conclusion: fuck the NSLSC website and whoever built it.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

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